Supervisory Training

You’ve just promoted a star performer to a supervisory position. Supervisors are often appointed because they have performed well in their current assignment, but now they are charged with raising the performance level of others. The skills needed to bring about success in other people are quite different from performing well individually. Organizations often do not have training programs that provide guidance on managing people. It is too often assumed that star performers will automatically know how to supervise their peers once they are promoted. This oversight can lead to unhappy employees at all levels. Like leadership, managing people can be taught, refined and improved. Supervisors must know how to communicate, delegate, motivate, measure performance, provide effective feedback, and listen, in order to build an exceptionally performing team. Tomorrow’s People provides supervisory training workshops to help newly appointed supervisors learn these techniques. We also provide workshops for seasoned supervisors who would like to be more effective in their people management skills.