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Tomorrow’s People, Inc. provides leadership training and talent development for emerging leaders to elevate their skills, so they are able to provide higher value to their organizations.

What is Leadership Academy?

  • A 9-month professional development program that teaches leadership skills, strategic visioning, and project management. It’s a robust learning experience that cultivates creativity, fosters team dynamics, and provides methods to manage effectively in rapidly changing times.
  • Leadership Academy is tailored specifically to the mission and vision of your organization. The curriculum typically involves a three-hour orientation session followed by full day workshops each month for 8 months concluding with a formal presentation to senior leadership.

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Why should your organization establish a Leadership Academy?

  • The current economy requires fewer but more talented employees. Staff members must perform to their highest levels in order for organizations to survive and thrive in the years ahead.
  • Continuous learning is an essential component of successful organizations. Most organizations do not have an internal management development or leadership training program. This void is a problem given current demographics; baby boomers are retiring in record numbers leaving a critical leadership gap.
  • The Leadership Academy prepares a core team of emerging leaders who are able to handle ambiguity, manage people effectively, implement bold initiatives, and navigate successfully in a new corporate culture.

The Leadership Academy Philosophy

  • Tomorrow’s People, Inc. fosters the development of employees in a formal training setting specifically tailored to the strategic & operational needs of the clients we serve.
  • Leadership Academy engages talented associates and broadens their skills so they can contribute more fully to their organization.
  • Leadership Academy is a “development lab” where employees can take risks, learn and practice new leadership skills, manage a tangible project from concept to implementation, learn more about the inner workings of their organizations and become more aware of the political, regulatory, technological and competitive issues affecting their operation.
  • Tomorrow’s People aligns a proven leadership training curriculum with the strategic needs of our clients in a supportive environment using the Seven Foundations of Leadership as the framework for class discussion and skill development.
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The Seven Foundations of Leadership

  1. Leaders are passionate about their mission.
    Leaders create a vision for the future and drive for results to achieve their vision.
  2. Leaders inspire followers.
    Leaders communicate effectively and are catalysts for organizational change.
  3. Leaders confront challenges and adversity.
    Leaders act with courage.
  4. Leaders value diversity and ensure inclusion.
    Leaders give respect and are respected.
  5. Leaders are ethical and act with integrity.
    Leaders are accountable to those they serve.
  6. Leaders nurture creativity.
    Leaders foster innovation.
  7. Leaders seek opportunities for renewal and improvement for themselves and their organization.
    Leaders help develop others through mentoring.

The Leadership Academy Curriculum

  1. Understanding mission
  2. Strategic visioning
  3. Project planning and project management
  4. Group dynamics & team building
  5. Persuasive Communication
    • Tools for dynamic public speaking
    • Tools for effective PowerPoint presentations
    • Handling news media interviews with confidence, control and credibility
    • Writing effectively
    • Answering difficult questions
    • Selling key messages
  6. Issue management
  7. Conducting effective meetings
  8. Managing internal and external conflict
  9. Ethics and ethical dilemmas
  10. Identifying best practices
  11. Tapping creativity
  12. Understanding emotional intelligence
  13. Personal leadership style assessment
  14. Managing culture change
  15. Self-renewal and continuous learning
  16. Diversity and inclusion
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