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Our Approach to Spokesperson Training, Media Relations, and External Communications

Managing the public spotlight is both an art and a science. The public perception of an organization, whether accurate and deserved or inaccurate and unfair, shapes the image, the brand, the credibility, and ultimately the success or failure of an organization.

The Food Trust has an important, positive story to tell. As the pandemic, the economy, and changing demographics force more people into food insecurity, it essential for The Food Trust to be positioned as the “go to” resource—the authoritative, reliable, and responsible experts for information on access to affordable, nutritious food and healthy living choices.

The question is—in this challenging environment—how does The Food Trust elevate its visibility in the region and increase positive public exposure about the services and critical support they provide? Conversely, the question is—if something negative happens—how can The Food Trust minimize damage to its brand, develop appropriate responses, and communicate credibly and timely with the public, the news media, and other stakeholders?

Every organization is bound to face a negative situation, whether self-inflicted, or a crisis beyond its control, which will require a public response. How an organization responds to scrutiny from the news media, public officials, bloggers, and regulators can affect public perceptions for a long, long time.

It’s crucial to understand how to manage the spotlight to deliver positive messages and how to minimize negative perceptions when faced with a crisis.

Tomorrow’s People offers advanced communication training to provide senior leaders and key subject matter experts the ability to project a positive brand image while promoting positive messages and/or responding to negative news or a crisis situation.

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The primary reason senior leaders and subject matter experts should learn advanced communication techniques and elevate their presentation skills in interviews and public speeches is this:

Reporters seldom misquote you.

They usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.

What We Cover

  • Managing the public spotlight
  • Projecting a positive brand to the public
  • Learning effective interview techniques
  • Answering difficult questions or antagonistic comments without appearing evasive or rattled
  • Establishing believability & trust
  • Identifying hard news vs. soft news
  • Understanding and developing proactive media tools
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Understanding body language
  • Practicing techniques to appear calm, credible, and confident under pressure.
  • Developing key messages into “sound bites”
  • Increasing the chances of positive key messages appearing in coverage of The Food Trust
  • Understanding the types of questions, techniques, and traps reporters use to get “juicy” quotes
  • Conducting successful interviews that lead to the key messages being quoted in the story
  • Practicing key concepts in mock interviews
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