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We will work with your team to facilitate your next strategic plan that is aligned with your mission and vision. We focus on where the organization needs to go and create a successful roadmap on how to get there. Our process involves conducting an environmental scan, analyzing trends, competitors, regulations, legislation, customer needs and technology. By involving key stakeholders in the process, we create buy-in through collaboration and establish measurable objectives to track accomplishments over the period of the plan.

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Why your organization should work with us on Your Strategic Planning Initiatives

Tomorrow’s People, Inc., has more than 40 years of experience working with non-profit and for-profit organizations covering a range of services including strategic planning, board orientation, leadership development, and media and public relations.

We have deep experience in strategic planning and organizational development and have guided our clients through complex change initiatives during lean years and also times of plenty. Our process in all our strategic planning work is to:

  • Collaborate closely with senior leadership, the strategic planning team, board members, staff, and external stakeholders
  • Align the organization’s mission and aspirations with the strategic plan
  • Build upon the organization’s history, strengths, and opportunities
  • Mitigate the organization’s weaknesses and threats
  • Partner with the organization’s strategic planning team so all planning responsibilities, deliverables, and timelines are met
  • Promote active participation among team members and appropriate stakeholders
  • Respect legacy operations, processes and personnel
  • Develop a common understanding of the external and internal environments that are driving the need for change
  • Weigh input from a diverse set of voices and make sure all voices are heard
  • Value out-of-the-box ideas and opinions that originate up and down the organizational hierarchy and from external and sometimes untraditional sources
  • Test the waters by discussing the feasibility, advisability, and possibilities presented by new directions, new ideas, new relationships, and new partnerships
  • Test the waters by discussing the feasibility, advisability, and possibilities presented by evaluating legacy operations and how these actions will impact the organization and its clients in the future
  • Secure understanding of recommendations and buy-in from participants
  • Engage participants in the formation of the strategic plan narrative
  • Test the waters again by providing opportunities for open feedback and additional input with the goal of achieving complete ownership and consensus among the strategic planning team members
  • Complete the final strategic plan written narrative
  • Conduct the final review of the plan

Engage key strategic planning team members in presenting the strategic plan to the world so that it is embraced enthusiastically by internal and external stakeholders

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