Joe Ruby, CEO, Area Agency on Aging, 10B, Green, Ohio

The Leadership Academy has been a critical component of our staff development program at AAA 10B, Inc. Over the past eight years, we have placed more than 90 of our high-performing associates through the program. The results are tangible and long-lasting. All of the class projects have benefited our Agency and helped better position us for the future. At the same time, our associates have been given essential leadership skills that help our organization operate more effectively and efficiently.

Malcolm Costa, CEO, Akron Summit Community Action Inc., Akron, Ohio

Tomorrow’s People Inc. has facilitated our strategic planning and board orientation initiatives since the early 1980s. They work with us to tailor their services to our needs. By working with them over such a long time, they know our business, our board members and our staff and build upon the work done in our previous planning cycles to keep our momentum going.

Ron Hill, CEO, Area Agency on Aging, 10A, Cleveland, Ohio

The Leadership Academy has provided our agency with a way to develop our future leaders. Staff members have demonstrated their leadership potential by working on critical projects that address real needs within our organization. The program enables us to reward our high performers and give them an example of the responsibilities and challenges of leadership.

John Begala, Executive Director, The Center for Community Solutions, Cleveland, Ohio

Tomorrow’s People prepared and conducted an outstanding two-day staff retreat for The Center for Community Solutions in December 2010. Their team’s preparatory research, well-conceived agenda, and perfectly-pitched facilitation, allowed us to both reflect on the status of our work, and approach the new year with clear priorities and renewed enthusiasm. Their work helped bring out the best in an already high-performing organization, and we are grateful!

Doug Beach, Senior Resource Alliance, Orlando, Florida

I used Tomorrow’s People to prepare my organization for a state-mandated initiative. They helped my key staff members work through the details of this initiative so we were able to implement it. They were responsive to the questions and concerns of my staff and kept us on track. After the retreat they gave us a report that was essentially a roadmap for implementation.

Anthony O’Leary, Executive Director, Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority

TPI’s Leadership Academy Program fostered teamwork in our agency.  As part of their leadership experience, staff members developed agency-sponsored projects that we successfully implemented.  As more and more of our senior leaders approach retirement age, this program develops our next generation of leaders at all levels of our organization. TPI developed a Leadership Academy tailored to meet our specific needs.