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We assist organizations in launching change initiatives by providing facilitation and project management. We have experience with establishing succession plansplanning and managing policy change initiativesfostering effective culture change initiativesretreat facilitationconference and meeting facilitation, and LEAN/Six Sigma initiatives.

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Why should your organization work with us on Your Change Initiatives?

Change is often difficult for organizations. Many cultural forces keep organizations from embracing change initiatives. Even if a company is successful in making change, sustaining change over time is problematic as cultural forces reassert themselves, sometimes silently and unknowingly, by attitudes and inclinations sympathetic to “the way things used to be.”

Tomorrow’s People, Inc. believes an organization’s mission and values should drive change initiatives along with clear plans at each of the three stages when managing change initiatives:

  1. planning the change,
  2. implementing the change,
  3. and sustaining the change.

We believe involving key internal and external stakeholders and creating an environment in which they become organizational ambassadors for the change initiative and provide leadership and support for the change across the organization. This process is critical to sustaining change.

The process for achieving successful change initiatives must be tailored specifically to the organization. In collaboration with a team, we develop a comprehensive plan and shepherd the process from the planning stage to the sustaining stage. We help manage proven techniques to empower employees in the organization to embrace the organizational change and become part of the process. Without a critical “tipping point” of employees at all levels working toward the same goal, change initiatives are not likely to succeed over the long term.

We help organizations reach the tipping point so that the change becomes the norm and that future changes, which will always be part of a successful organization’s culture, will be less stressful, quicker to implement, and embraced by employees at all levels.

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